Darex® Packaging

Keeping Things Fresh


Darex® is a recognized leader in can sealants and a leading supplier of can coatings and closure sealants for the food and beverage packaging industry, as well as personal care and industrial containers.

A Pioneer of Protection

Darex® developed the first can sealants to replace lead solder in 1921.

More than a decade later, the advent of the beer can prompted Darex® innovators to develop a new can sealant to preserve purity and taste.

And in 1941, responding to the needs of a world at war, the company created a synthetic substitute for natural rubber can and bottle sealants.

Groundbreaking Technologies

Today, Darex® helps protect the products of many of the world's most recognized consumer brands. Darex® closure sealants, applied to crowns and caps, ensure freshness of many bottled drinks around the world. Its durable can sealants ensure food and beverage freshness and protection from contamination.

And Darex® offers state-of-the-art coatings formulated without BPA, that match the performance of traditional epoxy can coatings.

An Exciting Future

As announced on March 2, 2017, GCP has received a binding offer from Henkel to acquire its Darex® Packaging business. The acquisition is expected to close in the middle of 2017.

You can continue to find Darex® Packaging solutions at: darexpackaging.com.