The Blue360sm Advantage
The Blue360sm Advantage

We've developed high-performance construction products and technologies for more than 50 years. Contractors, engineers and builders worldwide turn to us for every kind of project, from commercial buildings and infrastructure to residential homes.

But we offer much more than the industry's most advanced products. All our solutions are backed by a team of experts who provide comprehensive services, including training and support, during every project phase. We'll be there for you after the ribbon-cutting — and for years to come.

Build with confidence: Our structural solutions promote your building's strength, durability and beauty

Contractors use our concrete to build some of the world's best-known buildings. Since we've worked closely with concrete producers and construction

firms for decades, we have the industry's most extensive body of knowledge on the science of long-lasting concrete.

Our field experts offer concrete producers intensive training and support at the concrete plant. As a result, your project will be built with durable concrete that:

  • Minimizes defects
  • Supports your structure for the ages
  • Features attractive finishes 
  • Protects you from liability

Plus, our Verifi® In Transit Concrete Management system saves time and money by ensuring high-quality concrete arrives at the job site ready to pour. And finally, our service engineers consult at the job site to ensure efficient and accurate installation that prevents costly project delays.

Protect your building from water, fire and extreme weather conditions

We offer complete weatherproofing systems to protect your building from water ingress, wind-driven rain, fire and airborne moisture that can damage your building inside and out. Our solutions include:

  • Air barriers: Shielding your building from uncontrolled air that can cause mold and rust

  • Flashing: Seamlessly seals vulnerable details like doors, windows and joints

  • Fire protection: Insulates concrete and steel to delay loss of structural integrity 

  • Waterproofing: Protects buildings from groundwater below grade and storms above grade
  • Flooring: Controls residual moisture, which can damage floors and cause mold or mildew

Additionally, our weatherproofing solutions boost energy efficiency and cut maintenance and repair costs.

Residential homes: Protect your investment from top to bottom

For homeowners and home builders, we offer complete solutions to protect your investment. Our products and services for residential buildings include the industry's leading brands in: 

  • Roofing underlayments

  • Weather barriers and flashing

  • Waterproofing

  • Durable concrete in many finishes

Our experts work with architects to choose the best combination of products. And we sweat every detail to make sure our products fit seamlessly into your design.

Furthermore, our products are easy to install, minimize maintenance costs and provide superior energy efficiency. Our extensive network of U.S. distributors delivers products in a flash. And once it's time for installation to begin, our engineers will be ready to keep your project humming.


Our air barriers and flashing products — available as both liquid and sheet applied products — protect buildings against the harmful effects of air and moisture.

For over 60 years, contractors and engineers have counted on our fire protection products for steel and concrete to safeguard against fire damage in commercial buildings, airports and mass transit tunnels across the globe.

We have solutions to create durable, crack-resistant concrete floors in commercial buildings, airports, parking structures and stadiums. VersaShield®, our  high-performance flooring underlayment protects against damage caused by moisture.

The Verifi® In-transit Concrete Management System is the industry's only complete concrete technology solution for ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality concrete from batch plant to construction site.

Our innovative masonry admixtures prevent moisture penetration to help producers of architectural masonry and hardscape mix strong, durable, aesthetic concrete.

Our precast concrete technology, admixtures and fibers enable precasters to make durable, high-quality precast products used in long-lasting, beautiful buildings and structures.

Ready mix concrete suppliers rely on our admixtures and fibers, cement additives, technologies and field services to ensure they produce strong, durable and workable concrete.

Since 1978, self-adhering Grace Ice & Water Shield® roofing underlayment has been the trusted choice of roofing contractors, builders and architects for waterproofing homes in even the harshest climates.

Tunneling contractors, mining companies and others involved in underground production know we provide top-performing spray concrete materials and the industry's only comprehensive shotcrete system.

No one can match us for above-grade and below-grade waterproofing. From residential and commercial buildings to infrastructure, our products have waterproofed every type of building and structure.

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