High-quality, durable precast starts with exceptional materials and products



We provide a full line of innovative products and technologies for the precast/prestressed concrete industry. Our precast portfolio includes chemical admixtures, fibers, architectural products and unique technologies such as AIRtrac™ air management system.

Many of our products are designed specifically for the precast industry, such as the ADVA® Cast high-range water reducer series and the new Pieri Architectural Precast portfolio. Our products enable you to produce high performance, durable and beautiful precast components and systems, as well as improve production efficiency.

Our innovative technology ensures the best precast products and processes

In addition to creating high performing products, we help you make the highest quality precast concrete by developing breakthrough technologies to improve the manufacturing process. The air management system AIRtrac™, enables you to measure the total air content and temperature of concrete in real time, while mixing.  

With AIRtrac™, you have insight into every batch. This allows for increased efficiency and overall process improvement. Producers can save time by adjusting mixing time and their batching process, and save money by rejecting fewer batches, and optimizing materials. To ensure you get the most from AIRtrac™, we provide onsite training, and work with customers to help with overall process optimization.

Our team of precast experts are partners with our customers and the industry

aTraining is just the beginning of what our Blue360sm Field Advantage team does to help customers boost their quality and efficiency.  Our precast specialists are experts in precast concrete and have decades of industry experience and involvement. They routinely share best practices, provide customized training, mix optimization, troubleshooting and other forms of technical support.  

GCP can also work with customers to better understand markets and develop plans to meet strategic business objectives.

Blue360sm Field Advantage: Our team is your team.

ADVA® Cast - A high-range water reducing admixture

ADVA® Cast is a series of high efficiency, polycarboxylate-based, high-range water-reducing admixtures for the precast/prestressed concrete industry. In addition to providing excellent water reduction, ADVA®Cast products generate higher compressive strengths, better slump retention, improved rheology, enhanced air control, superior finishability, and robustness across a wide range of materials, including both flowable and self-consolidating concrete.

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Pieri® Architectural Precast Portfolio

The Pieri® Architectural Precast Portfolio includes high-quality products such as in-form surface retarders, release agents, and finish protectors that provide beautiful, consistent, long-lasting architectural finishes. Other finishing techniques, such as sandblasting and acid-etching are labor intensive, hazardous, and can produce inconsistent results. When you replace old finishing techniques with Pieri® Architectural Products, the result is a higher-quality finish that saves time, and lasts longer.

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AIRtrac™ - Minimize waste and boost precast productivity

AIRtrac™ is a sensor that is installed in the mixer, similar to a Hydronixs probe for moisture measurements. AIRtrac™ measures the total air content and temperature of concrete, while it's mixing. Instead of waiting for results, you can know the moment that your concrete mix begins to go out of spec—and now, you can do something about it.

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