We've developed the industry's only complete shotcrete system

For tunneling contractors, mining companies and any team involved in underground construction, we've developed the industry's only comprehensive shotcrete system.

Components within TYTRO® Shotcrete System are specially formulated to work together. They provide shotcrete applicators with every product they need to handle the most technically demanding underground projects.

Our full range of innovative products includes:

  • High-range water reducers: TYTRO® WR
  • Hydration control: TYTRO® HC
  • Air-entraining: TYTRO® AE
  • Rheology modifiers: TYTRO® RM
  • Rheology control: TYTRO® RC
  • Set accelerators: TYTRO® SA

Plus, our system features STRUX® BT50 synthetic fiber that, unlike steel, won't corrode and is easier to handle during mixing.

It's all in the mix: our shotcrete products are optimized to reduce costs and cycle times

The TYTRO® Shotcrete System lowers operational costs by boosting productivity and minimizing waste and downtime. We've designed all TYTRO® products to meet the toughest performance and safety standards for underground construction.

TYTRO® products save time and money by providing:

  • Faster early strength

  • Enhanced bond to rock

  • Increased pumpability and sprayablity for optimal spray concrete

  • Quicker thickness buildup

  • Rebound rates of 5-8%

  • Minimal dust

Our shotcrete system helps producers optimize their mixes to minimize material costs. The 99% silica purity of TYTRO® RC admixtures, for example, sharply reduces shotcrete waste for less material costs.

Expert training, support and technology complete the system

Our Blue360sm Field Advantage team  provides education and support across the globe. Our team delivers custom education to help applicators increase productivity, safety and quality on any type of underground construction project. Applicators can count on our remote technical support to troubleshoot field issues and reduce downtime.

Also, our team offers quality control training and field diagnostics to measure shotcrete quality and ensure continuous performance improvement on-site.

Blue360sm Field Advantage: Our team is your team.

TYTRO® WR 157 - High-range water reducers

TYTRO® WR 157 is a polycarboxylate-based high-range water-reducing admixture specifically formulated to provide prolonged workability, excellent plasticity, and extended slump life in underground shotcrete applications. Featuring the latest in the polycarboxylate technology, TYTRO® WR 157 provides superior water reducing performance to shotcrete. 

TYTRO® HC 250 - Hydration control

TYTRO® HC 250 is a ready-to-use, liquid, non chloride solution specifically designed to control and stabilize the cement hydration of shotcrete for long periods (up to 72 hours) without negatively influencing the quality of shotcrete. 

TYTRO® AE 254 - Air-entraining

TYTRO® AE 254 is an air-entraining admixture which generates a highly stable air-void system for increased protection against damage from freezing and thawing, severe weathering, or de-icer chemicals.

TYTRO® RM - Rheology modifiers

TYTRO® RM rheology modifying and mix-enhancing admixtures are formulated to improve the pumpability and sprayability of the shotcrete mix.​ ​

TYTRO® RC - Rheology control

TYTRO® RC innovative rheology control admixtures are designed to reduce our customers’ installed material cost when used as a replacement for silica fume or other pozzolanic materials.

TYTRO® SA 530 - Set accelerators

TYTRO® SA 530 is a high-performance, alkali-free set accelerator specifically formulated to provide high early strength at low dosage rates and improve productivity by shortening the time of setting without compromising long-term strength and durability. 

STRUX® BT50 - Synthetic fiber

STRUX® BT50 is our latest generation synthetic-based macro-fiber featuring a patented high strength, high modulus design providing superior flexural toughness and post-crack performance in underground shotcrete applications.