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When it comes to air travel, two words come to mind - safety and performance. The same values hold true for aviation related structures. Moisture intrusion, structural & aesthetic deficiencies in concrete or inconsistencies in the fire protection can result in significant damage to the structure, high replacement costs and lost revenue. This is where we can help.

We offer a wide range of innovative products and fit for purpose solutions for all areas of the airport complex – including tunnels, ramps, runways, parking structures, and terminal buildings. For almost 50 years, owners, architects, engineers and contractors have looked to us to provide the right solutions for their landmark airport projects. We combine historical performance, advanced technology and unparalleled support to furnish the correct solutions for its customers’ needs.

Waterproofing solutions go underground at Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport

Nearly half of visitors to Las Vegas arrive by air. That makes McCarran International Airport one of the 10 busiest airports in the United States.

Improved technology means more planes can land. But the airport infrastructure couldn't keep up with the millions of passengers each year. So the Clark County Department of Aviation chose to build a new Terminal 3.

The new facility includes an underground tunnel with an automated people-mover system to connect with the existing Terminal 1. Since the train station and the tunnel are in the water table, waterproofing was critical.

The contractors chose several of our solutions to solve the waterproofing challenge. They ended up using 600,000+ square feet of Preprufe® and 70,000+ square feet of Bituthene® waterproofing.

Installing fireproofing and waterproofing at one of the world's busiest and biggest airports

The Incheon International Airport is 60 times the size of a football field. It also has the world's second tallest control tower. The airport handles 27 million passengers a year.

Of course, such a large facility needs reliable waterproofing and fireproofing. A lot of it. That's why the contractors came to us. Monokote® cementitious spray-applied fireproofing has been a global standard for almost half a century and protects structural steel from the effects of fire.

For fireproofing, they used about 51,000 m² of Monokote® solutions in the main terminal building, the general hangars and the Korean Air Cargo Centre. Monokote® is one of the most widely applied fireproofing materials in the world.

They also used more than 130,000 m² of our Grace Ice & Water Shield® roofing underlayments. This solution protects against leaks, caused by wind driven rain and ice dams, extending the life of the structure.

Other ways we help airports stay moving

Structural concrete: We offer a variety of admixtures and fibers to meet design and construction requirements. Corrosion inhibitors cost-effectively protect reinforcement in airport parking garages and elevated roadways. Using synthetic macro fibers and shrinkage-reducing admixtures mitigates cracking in floor slabs in baggage handling areas. And retarders and accelerators are employed routinely to accommodate temperature extremes and meet airport construction schedules for taxiways and landing strips.

Architectural concrete: Our integral color and surface retarders may be combined to create architectural precast panels, precast/prestressed elements and decorative concrete pedestrian areas. Designers use contrasting pavement finishes to help with zoning and direction finding.

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Our air barriers and flashing products — available as both liquid and sheet applied products — protect buildings against the harmful effects of air and moisture.

We're the global leader in providing innovative admixtures and services that help cement producers make high-quality cement for every type of construction project.

Our concrete technologies, admixtures and services help produce stronger, higher-quality ready mix and precast concrete while reducing production cycles, energy costs and material waste.

For over 60 years, contractors and engineers have counted on our fire protection products for steel and concrete to safeguard against fire damage in commercial buildings, airports and mass transit tunnels across the globe.

We have solutions to create durable, crack-resistant concrete floors in commercial buildings, airports, parking structures and stadiums. VersaShield®, our  high-performance flooring underlayment protects against damage caused by moisture. 

The Verifi® In-transit Concrete Management System is the industry's only complete concrete technology solution for ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality concrete from batch plant to construction site.

Our innovative masonry admixtures prevent moisture penetration to help producers of architectural masonry and hardscape mix strong, durable, aesthetic concrete.

Our precast concrete technology, admixtures and fibers enable precasters to make durable, high-quality precast products used in long-lasting, beautiful buildings and structures.

Ready mix concrete suppliers rely on our admixtures and fibers, cement additives, technologies and field services to ensure they produce strong, durable and workable concrete.

No one can match us for above-grade and below-grade waterproofing. From residential and commercial buildings to infrastructure, our products have waterproofed every type of building and structure.

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