TYTRO® shotcrete system

Advanced. Efficient. Reliable.

Full system delivering lower installed cost, reduced cycle times and superior performance

TYTRO® is a comprehensive admixture system to reduce shotcrete installed costs, minimize excavation downtime and enhance performance. The system consists of macro fibers and admixtures designed to faster achieve early strength, enhance bond to rock substrate and between layers, and deliver high-performance, high-quality shotcrete with minimum rebound and dust.

Shotcrete practitioners and producers stand to gain major savings on material and installation costs by incorporating TYTRO®. Users can optimize mix cost, minimize rebound, and accelerate cycle times to boost output while achieving desired technical performance and meeting the highest safety standards.

A global team of field technical specialists providing the highest level of performance and support

From the smallest to the largest, the simplest to the most complex underground projects, every project has its own individual challenges. Our field underground shotcrete specialists work closely with customers to help them achieve safer and more efficient shotcrete operations by deploying market-leading technologies, advanced resources (ranging from rapid diagnostic tools to on-site monitoring systems) and unmatched mix optimization capabilities with expert site support and training.

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STRUX® BT50 synthetic macro fiber reinforcement is a high strength, high modulus synthetic macro reinforcement that imparts toughness, impact and fatigue properties to concrete. STRUX® BT50 is a patented engineered design providing superior post-crack control performance with a broad range of applications.

Key Benefits

• Unique packaging provides superior dispersion
• Savings from reduced labor costs and shorter construction time
• Enhances safety by eliminating handling of steel fibers, welded wire fabric or rebar
• Eliminates proper reinforcement positioning concerns
• Provides superior crack control due to the geometry and elastic modulus
• Non corroding
• Controls both plastic and drying shrinkage
• Increased crack resistance, ductility and energy absorption or toughness
• Improved impact resistance

Application Type

TYTRO® HC 250 is a ready-to-use, liquid, non chloride solution specifically designed to control and stabilize the cement hydration of shotcrete for long periods (up to 72 hours) without negatively influencing the quality of shotcrete.

Key Benefits
Application Type

TYTRO® AE 254 is an air-entraining admixture which generates a highly stable air-void system for increased protection against damage from freezing and thawing, severe weathering, or de-icer chemicals.

Key Benefits
Application Type

TYTRO® RM rheology modifying and mix-enhancing admixtures are formulated to improve the pumpability and sprayability of the shotcrete mix.​

Key Benefits
Application Type

Efficient ground support operations

TYTRO® offers specialty shotcrete admixtures that are formulated for shotcrete mixes to achieve superior flow, enhanced pumpability and sprayability, and prolonged slump life (up to 72 hours) to accommodate logistical and operational needs of every project.

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Reduced cycle times

The latest generation of TYTRO® high-performance alkali free accelerators minimize re-entry times by shortening setting time and providing very high early strength.

Thicker passes with less rebound

Featuring the latest in nanotechnology, TYTRO® RC Pozzolanic-based rheology control agent brings rebound rates to single digits (6-8%) and allows placement of 2X larger layer thickness in one single pass by providing superior bond to rock substrate and enhanced cohesion.

Optimal mix design

Our world-class laboratory resources and field technical specialists provide customized mix designs to achieve performance requirements and ensure minimum cost. 
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